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Served with our fresh baked bread and house soup. Renaissance features the finest quality Midwest corn-fed Black Angus beef.

Steaks are served with your choice of baked potato, parisienne potato, or saffron basmati rice. Add a fresh mixed green salad for $3.99

Souvlaki (Shish Kabob)

Thick chunks of marinated meat easoned broiled over an open fire. Served with saffron basmati rice and fresh steamed vegetables. Beef tenderloin: $20.99; Lamb: $21.99


One of the most famous Mediterranean dishes. Layers of eggplant, seasoned ground beef and potato crowned with our special cream sauce. Sprinkled with parmesan and baked in our Wood Stone oven. $20.99

Peppersteak Bourguignon

Marinated beef tenderloin chunks in red wine & herbs. Sauteed & braised with mushroom, pepper & shallots until tender. Served with our garlic potato puree. $23.99

Paella Valenciana

A popular Spanish dish with sautéed chicken, chorizo sausage and a medley of vegetables. Overflows with shrimp, mussels and scallops on a bed of saffron basmati rice. $23.99

Guinness Short Ribs

Guinness braised short beef ribs. Served with potato puree and demi glaze. $24.99


Special blend of your favorite meat cooked with spices and herbs. Served with basmati rice. Please specify mild or hot.
Vegetarian: $17.99 Chicken: $18.99, Beef: $19.99 Lamb: $20.99, Shrimp: $21.99


Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Center cut tenderloin stuffed with apricots, raisins, baby spinach mascarpone cheese and fresh garlic. Served with sweet potato purre and grilled asparagus. Cranberry pomegranate reduction. $28.99


Thai Green Curry

Choice of meat or vegetarian with bell peppers, green peas and bamboo shoots in coconut milk. Served with sweet basil leaves and basmati rice.
Vegetarian: $17.99 Chicken: $18.99 Beef: $19.99 Lamb: $20.99 Shrimp: $21.99

Filet Mignon

This pepper-crusted, 8 oz. thick delicious cut from the heart of tenderloin is cooked to your liking and topped with wild mushroom demi. Served with vegetables. MP

Moroccan Tagine

A popular Casablanca style stew of selected meat, braised with onion, tomato, cumin, green olives and ginger. Finished with saffron harisa sauce reduction over a choice of Moroccan couscous or basmati rice. Garnished with preserved lemons. Beef: $23.99; Lamb: $24.99; Chicken: $22.99; Shrimp: $25.99

New Zealand Rack of Lamb

Ginger herb and roasted garlic crusted rack of lamb with rosemary-mint vegetables and infused with shiraz demi glaze. Served with sweet potato puree. $36.99

Lamb Shank

A whole tender lamb shank braised with red wine and garlic. Served with saffron dill rice. $31.99

Osso Bucco

Slowly roasted veal shank braised with marsala wine and an array of vegetables. Served over rissoto milanese and gremolata. $34.99

Beef and Lamb Gyro Platter

Sliced seasoned beef and lamb cooked on our rotisserie. Garnished with onions, tomato, kalamata olives, and our special cucumber dill sauce. Served with saffron basmati rice and pita bread. $18.99

New York Steak

A thick, center-cut, aged Black Angus steak, charbroiled until you say when. Boldly seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and topped with Maitre’d butter. Served with vegetables. MP

Prime Rib

Our choice of aged Black Angus prime rib is hand-rubbed with the Chef’s seasoning then slowly roasted to perfection. Available Friday and Saturday while it lasts. $27.99

Pork Chop

Center cut bone-in Pork Chop prepared medium well. Served with apple-wood bacon, our own garlic potato purée and caramelized raisins and apple slices. $23.99


Reservations Recommended

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